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Introducing 12v AC DC Misting Kit

At Nathani Electrical Corporation; we have invented and introduced 12v AC DC Misting Kit with Water Tank. It is an economical solution for every consumer in the World today. To buy a traditional mist fan is an expensive solution. Our Misting Kit is now available at affordable price and the best part you can turn any pedestal or wall fan into a cool mist fan. Instantly create cool zone with misting kit which is designed to produce fine smooth mist by using a state of the art technology. Engineered with High Quality material to ensure longevity.

Any ordinary pedestal fan or wall mount fan, regardless of its size simply moves hot air from one location to another. By adding Mist Fan Kit, same fan will now circulate significantly cooler air throughout the area. Our Misting Kit has been manufactured with finest top of the quality parts which resulted super fine smooth misting that evaporates quicker, leaving you with refreshingly cool breeze. An affordable cooling option for everyone.

Mist Fan Kit
Misting Kit

Beat the Heat with Airicon Misting Kit

Pedestal Stand Fans & Wall Bracket Fans are commonly used to stay cool during even the hottest of months, but they may not be the best method to use for those who really want to avoid the heat. Doctors have decided that there may be several other ways to stay cool, and that simply using a fan isn’t the best choice.

It has been said by experts that circulation fans used with a mist are truly the best way to cool down. Water mist cooling fans can be used when it is very hot. Using a cooling mist fan can help children and the elderly to stay cool and those who work outside, as they are the most impacted during times of extreme heat. When it gets very hot, it can even be deadly like heat stroke, etc.

Mist Fans have become very popular due to technological advances. Specially, AIRICON Misting Kit is suggested to be used for outdoor area because it produce ultra fine mist that relieves the environment of the heat stress. When the water droplets are released into the hot air, they absorb the heat present in the air and get released as vapor to produce maximum cooling effect.

AIRICON misting kit is easy to install, environmentally friendly and at affordable price. Using Water Mist Fan is the only best and economical solution for those who fear the hot weather and want to stay safe & cool.

Mist Fan
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