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AIRICON Misting Kit gives you one of the most economical, efficient and highly effective solution for reducing temperatures from hot to cold drastically. It has been said by experts that circulation fans used with a mist are truly the best way to cool down.

About us

Nathani Electrical Corporation is an international trading company located in Karachi, Pakistan. As specialists in the business of import, wholesale & distribution of Imported Electrical Fans & Ventilating products. Our product sourcing is mainly from China. We are in trading partnerships with manufacturers in China and developing, marketing & selling top of the line quality products in Pakistan.

We are proud to be the first manufacturer of Misting Kit in collaboration with a leading manufacturing company in China invented and introduced the first easy to install universal misting kit in the World today with a new concept by turning an ordinary traditional fan into a cool mist fan.

Our company has become almost as well known for its range of products. We are delighted to have more than 100 dealers & 4 distributors all over Pakistan.

AIRICON Misting Kit

AIRICON Misting Kit has been designed to perform flawlessly and will instantly create cool and comfortable environment. Misting Kit is a great low budget solution to the hot summer heat. Quick & super easy to turn an ordinary traditional fan into a Mist Fan. Misting Kit gives one of the most economical, efficient and highly effective solution for reducing temperatures from hot to cold drastically and there are many areas which cannot be covered by AC units.

AIRICON Misting Kit mist is very smooth creating a fog of ultra fine water/mist droplets. The finer the mist, quicker it will evaporate, creating a immediate cooling zone. It is like an evaporative cooling and the science of thermal dynamics; that is, the fact that water requires energy to evaporate. In this case, energy comes from sun. Exchange of sun’s energy will result in evaporation of the mist and drastically lower the ambient temperatures.

Water Tanks

We have designed and offering two different style of water tanks. One for the Wall Fans & the other one for the Floor Stand Fans. The water capacity for the wall water tank is 12 liter and the floor water tank capacity is 17 liter. Both water tanks are made of high quality food grade plastic for use in long term.

Product Quality & Safety

At Nathani Electrical Corporation, quality means making sure our products meet or exceed our customers' expectations. Attention to quality and safety begins at the design stage and continues throughout the entire manufacturing process. We have a strict quality assurance process in place to ensure customers are safe and satisfied with our products.

Our continuous focus on improving product quality, ensuring product safety and restricting the use of harmful material. We are continuously looking for ways to make them better and better.

Customer Satisfaction. We Care.

Customer satisfaction is at the core of everything we do, beginning with the acquisition of a deep understanding of what the customer needs. We are customer-driven; we go the extra mile to make sure our client's expectations are met and exceeded on every issue. We partner with leading companies to arm ourselves with the latest technology to provide customers with innovative quality products in the most cost-effective manner available.

Customer service sets great businesses apart from the rest. Customers are the reason that businesses exist. Keeping customers happy means being responsive to their needs and wants. A good customer service experience can turn a one-time customer into a lifelong repeat customer. People like to share their good experiences. Excellent customer service can turn into positive word of mouth.

We train our team members to answer questions and help lead customers to the products or services that best fit their needs. Keep prices reasonable so that customers feel they are getting a good value.

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